window Curtain


Windows show your lifestyles to people existed inside and outside your home. last time when you've thought to dress your windows to complete your home decoration. Well, curtains are the things use to beautifully dress your windows. Being a Pakistans one of the most experienced home service provider, Decorita better understands that curtain can either make or break a living place. Everything from selecting certain fabric material to design and rail matters to decorate your room as there are different options individually for residential, commercial and industrial clients' requirements. Decorita is popular among customer all over Pakistan with its wide variety in certain and most unique design collection.

Silk Fabric curtain

: Silk Fabric is highly demanded by both residential as well as commercial clients with gorgeous material nature and shiny reflective surface. Voile, Moire, and satin are common types of silky fabrics alike among customers.

Lace Fabric curtain

: Lace fabricated curtain consists of two fabric layers- The first one is usually a silk fabric and the second one is a wavy lace which can be made with any fabric. Lace fabricated curtains are mostly liked by both residential as well as commercial clients due to its light weighted and transparent nature.

Cotton Fabric curtain

: Pure Cotton is a good fabric material to wear as clothes, but in Curtain, it's not most appreciated. However, some people still love cotton fabricated curtains. Industrial designers normally mixed fabric with another fabricated materials such as silk, wool and synthetic to let these cotton-lover feels surprises. A most common form of mixed cotton and linen a light-weighted and sheer fabric curtain form known as chambray fabric curtain. Decorita also offers you Bastiste, organdy, damask and numerous other cotton mixed fabricated curtain.

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