Faux Blind

Looking for best price faux window blinds in Lahore and all over Pakistan! Let’s book your order with the fastest shipping & installation time. It’s a type of window covering customize made up of horizontal 2” wide slats that are tied together by a cord pulley system. Centered thread holes are covered by a 1” wide cotton stripe. Mechanically faux blinds each stat is rotated at 360degree for light control and it can be complete fold-up & fold-down.
1. Best selling perfect look faux blind design shades & colors for home and offices:
2. Product sample 1st four product sample like 1-white wooden, 2-chocolate brown, 3-perfect fit wooden, 4-yellow shade johar café pic:

Why Choose Faux blinds? Let’s choose with confidence

There’s no replacement of wooden blinds in a perfect and decent look. Faux blinds are the mother category of wooden blinds it enhances the reliability and threading holes with a 1” wide cotton slats. There’s no executive office and classic to modern means designed home where you’ll not found Faux blinds on windows. Nowadays, wooden floor has attracted customers' attention. If you also own a wooden floor, there's no need to match some non-identical materials. Decorita offers faux window blinds with a wide variety of customization. Numerous prices and design quotes are available, but we never compromise on blinds quality and durability.

Top quality material and easy maintenance

Faux wooden window blinds are usually completely fold up, fold down or partially rotated at 360-degree as required if compared to all other types of window blinds. It had an additional 1” wide fabricated strip to cover thread hole in wood slats for complete privacy. Its structured makes them easy to clean and maintain. It has two controls adjust in one mount individually to operate fold-up, fold-down and slats rotating functions. Its control is light-force operating machine to operate faux blind. We use high quality imported accessories and provide committed laminated wooden blind and fabricated strips slats quality.

Your next custom Faux blind installation team is just at a call distance

if you’re looking Faux blinds near you for your window decoration with free delivery in Lahore. Decorita is your Pakistan’s biggest online Faux blind blinds provider with free sampling, measurements & designing services in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Muree including all cities in Pakistan. We’ve widest office curtain blinds; office Faux blinds shades and home faux blind shades especially in DHA, Bahria town including all areas in Lahore. Be hurry! Call us to get a free quote and select best custom made Faux blinds for your home or office as we’ve the best price faux blinds in Pakistan.